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New techniques boost understanding of how fish fins became fingers


Our ancestors evolved faster after dinosaur extinction

Mammals almost wiped out with the dinosaurs

Mammals began their takeover long before the death of the dinosaurs

Indonesian ‘Hobbits’ may have died out sooner than thought

A world map of Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry in modern humans

Rooting the family tree of placental mammals

Well-preserved skeleton reveals the ecology and evolution of early carnivorous mammals

Prior to the rise of modern day mammalian carnivores (lions and tigers and bears, as well as weasels, raccoons, wolves and other members of the order Carnivora), North America was dominated by a now extinct group of mammalian carnivores — the hyaenodontids. While fossils of hyaenodontids are relatively common from the early Eocene (between 50 … Continue reading

High-tech analysis of proto-mammal fossil clarifies the mammalian family tree

A new analysis of the jaw of Haramiyavia clemmenseni, one of the earliest known proto-mammals, clarifies the timeline of early mammalian evolution. Through high-resolution computer tomography, scientists from the University of Chicago, Harvard University and Brown University were able to examine the Haramiyavia type specimen in unprecedented detail. The analysis revealed complex teeth and chewing … Continue reading

Jurassic saw fastest mammal evolution

Mammals were evolving up to ten times faster in the middle of the Jurassic than they were at the end of the period, coinciding with an explosion of new adaptations, new research shows. Early mammals lived alongside the dinosaurs during the Mesozoic era (252-66 million years ago). They were once thought to be exclusively small … Continue reading

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