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430 million-year-old fossil named in honor of Sir David Attenborough


New species of duckbilled dinosaur neatly fills an evolutionary gap

A previously undiscovered dinosaur species, first uncovered and documented by an adjunct professor at Montana State University, showcases an evolutionary transition from an earlier duckbilled species to that group’s descendants, according to a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE. The paper was written by that professor, Elizabeth Freedman Fowler, and her mentor, MSU paleontologist … Continue reading

New giant tortoise species found in Galapagos

A research team working in the Galapagos Archipelago has discovered there are two species of giant tortoises — not just one, as had been long believed — living on the island of Santa Cruz in the center of the Galapagos Archipelago. The discovery of the new species, detailed in a study reported today (Oct. 21) … Continue reading

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