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Fossilized evidence of a tumor in a 255-million-year-old mammal forerunner

Schizophrenia emerged after humans diverged from Neanderthals

A single strain of plague bacteria sparked multiple historical and modern pandemics

Groundbreaking discovery made use skin cells to kill cancer

Mind-controlled prosthetic arms that work in daily life are now a reality

For the first time, robotic prostheses controlled via implanted neuromuscular interfaces have become a clinical reality. A novel osseointegrated (bone-anchored) implant system gives patients new opportunities in their daily life and professional activities. “Going beyond the lab to allow the patient to face real-world challenges is the main contribution of this work,” says Max Ortiz … Continue reading

Boy without ears has a pair created from his ribs

Kieran was born with a condition known as microtia, which is a congenital deformity that causes the external ear, or pinna, to be underdeveloped. The condition is quite rare, and occurs in one baby out of every 8,000 to 10,000 births around the world. Kieran was born deaf because of the condition, and had previously … Continue reading

Novel Method Treats Hard-To-Treat Tumors

The first preclinical tests for a novel anti-cancer technology called ‘quadrapeutics’ that converts current clinical treatments to instantaneously detect and kill only cancer cells have been successful. Quadrapeutics combines clinically available drugs, colloidal gold, pulsed lasers and radiation in a novel and safe micro-treatment that improved standard therapy by 17-fold against aggressive, drug-resistant tumors. “We … Continue reading

Researchers identify a new variant of Ebola virus in Guinea

In an article which appeared in The New England journal of Medicine on 16 April, researchers from Inserm (Jean Mérieux-Inserm BSL-4 Laboratory, Lyon) and the Institut Pasteur have published their initial findings on the characteristics of the Ebola virus discovered in Guinea. Initial virological investigations enabled them to identify Zaire ebolavirus as the pathogen responsible … Continue reading

Surgeons Implant Bioengineered Vein: Kidney Dialysis Patient First in U.S. to Receive Lab-Grown Blood Vessel

In a first-of-its-kind operation in the United States, a team of doctors at Duke University Hospital helped create a bioengineered blood vessel and implanted it into the arm of a patient with end-stage kidney disease. The procedure, the first U.S. clinical trial to test the safety and effectiveness of the bioengineered blood vessel, is a … Continue reading

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